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Charter Costs

Deciding to holiday on a luxury superyacht is something to really look forward to. However, do be aware of what’s included in the cost. There will be a base charter fee which may or may not include the cost of food and fuel. This is always subject to the terms and conditions of the charter contract so please read the small print. With so many types of charter contracts around, the one that applies to you depends on where you would like to cruise to.
We shall go into the detail of the cost you can expect to pay when you book a yacht charter vacation. This will include the base charter fee of the yacht, what’s covered within this fee and how it can vary. Details of contracts and how an APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) can be used to manage expenses is also included.

Base charter fee

This particular fee is for the hire cost of the yacht. The base charter fee covers all of the equipment, the cost of food along with the wages for the crew during the entire charter. This base fee does vary between superyachts depending on the size, make, model and age of the vessel as well as the amenities on board. It also varies from season to season and is reduced during the low season.

The prices do increase if you’re sailing to a special event like the Cannes Film Festival, the America’s Cup or the Monaco Grand Prix. If you are eager to attend a major event, be aware of the costs. A more favourable price as well as a large selection of vessels to choose from can be found on dates before or after these events take place.

There are many reasons why yachts of the same make and size differ in price too. A superyacht that has top of the range water sports facilities or say an onboard cinema has a higher base rate than a vessel with minimal amenities, even though they are the same size. Contact your broker if you need more information regarding two same-size yachts that are different in price.