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Crewed Charters

To make sure you receive a high-quality level of service, mid-sized vessels usually carry between six and fifteen crew. This is often more than the number of guests on board. Professional teams, hand-picked by the owner, work very hard indeed to make sure you and your party have a relaxing vacation. Charter crew are also highly trained in onboard safety.

The Captain

The captain is fully responsible for the yacht. If you wish to make alterations to your itinerary or unscheduled stops en route to a destination, the captain will do all he can to cater to your wishes. If you have any concerns or problems during your vacation, please let the captain know or get in touch with your broker.

Head Chef

A highly skilled, professional chef is on board every superyacht. He or she often boasts Michelin stars due to their culinary expertise. You can sample an individual chef’s cuisine before your charter begins if you let your broker know well in advance.

The preferences form has a section on cuisine, likes, dislikes and allergies. Make sure you tick all the right boxes so the chef can make provisions to stock up on ingredients and plan the menus that you and everyone on board will enjoy.

Interior & deck crew

The deck hands/deck crew are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the yacht. They can also help with any water sports and activities you might want to try.

Some deck hands often serve as bar tenders or waiters during meal times. The interior crew refresh and keep the cabins clean. They can help you with extra towels, pillows or other room amenities.

All of the crew is at your disposal to make your time on board the superyacht extremely pleasant. Speak to the head steward or stewardess if you have any out of the ordinary requests. They will do their very best to accommodate you and you party.


It’s a custom at the end of the charter to leave a tip. This can be given to the captain who will divide the amount among the crew. It’s not necessary to tip an individual person. The amount should be in proportion to the service you’ve received, usually between 5% and 15% of the base charter fee.