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Preferences & Toys


To get the details of your charter yacht vacation just right, we ask if you can complete a preference form before your holiday begins. It’s recommended to be quite specific as we cover everything from the type of drinks you prefer, the cuisine you like, right down to how we should address you. We feel it’s a good idea for the captain and crew to get to know you a little before you embark so you feel the yacht is like your floating home.

Nothing is too much trouble, so don’t hesitate to ask.


There are lots of water toys for your entertainment on board each superyacht. They vary from yacht to yacht so do tell your broker if there’s a particular water toy you would like to try. There are personal watercrafts, a little like motorcycles, inflatables such as banana boats, snorkelling gear, wakeboards, sea bobs, waterslides and water skis, such an exciting choice. Water sports equipment is also available like dinghies, kayaks and paddle boards.