• Things to Consider
    Things to Consider

Things to Consider

Think about the fuel

It’s important to remember that fuel is included for up to four cruising hours each day. If guests want to use the jet skis, electricity while the vessel is moored or exceed the cruising speed, more fuel will be used with any extra costs being paid for by the charterer.

Make sure to read the contract carefully

Each charter guest should fully understand the charter contract and how it affects them. Take plenty of time out to read this important document and familiarise yourself with the content.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions

A charter contract on first reading may seem a little daunting. It’s there to protect you and the owner of the superyacht so it’s very important to ask any questions if you’re a little uncertain about any aspect of it. If you’re unsure of the payment structure or how the costs are calculated, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your broker. Brokers are experts in the yachting industry and can explain everything contained in the contract.

On board etiquette

For a bespoke luxury holiday, you just can’t beat a superyacht charter. There’s lots of sun, sea and a five-star service which simply can’t compare to anything else. By following a few etiquette rules, your yacht charter vacation will be as smooth as possible.

Here are a few guidelines in how to behave while on board to respecting the crew.


To avoid damaging the decks, guests are asked to leave shoes in a basket provided at the end of the gangway.


Soft luggage is recommended to keep cabins clutter free. This type of luggage can also be collapsed for stowing as opposed to hard sided cases.

Children and childcare

Not all superyachts are child friendly so please let your broker know if you are planning to bring youngsters on board.

You should also let us know if you intend bringing a child minder or nanny with you. We can recommend yachts that have the best configurations, i.e. adjoining cabins with connecting doors. Childcare and babysitting are not part of the crew’s duties.


When filling in your preference sheet, please leave detailed answers to allow the crew to prepare for your vacation. This will include stocking up on your favourite snacks, food and drinks. Please respect the “upstairs/downstairs” rule of not to enter the crew’s private quarters, this includes the kitchen.


While some yachts allow guests to smoke on deck, most prohibit smoking indoors. Let your broker know well in advance if you or anyone in your party is a smoker.


If you should be unsatisfied with the service on board your superyacht, which is unlikely, let the captain know of any problems asap. You could contact your Yachtshop broker as soon as you disembark so things can be sorted out.


Passengers are respectfully reminded that local laws apply while at sea. Illegal weapons and drugs are totally prohibited while on board a superyacht.